Dachstein Administration Solutions

Dachstein has provided free administrative services to insurance brokers since 2002 and we would like to extend these services to you. Our contract with insurers such as Santam allows us to handle certain administrative tasks on their behalf. In practice this means that you will contact us with amendments and quotations rather than the call centre.

If you would like fast, effective, reliable service at no additional cost and finalised/completed amendments the following day, contact Dachstein.

What we do:

  • We handle all your policy amendments
  • We handle your new policy issues
  • We provide quotations
  • We assist with policy and claims advice
  • We offer access to a wide range of insurers to whom you normally do not have access
  • We provide a service when you are on leave

What we do not do:

  • We do not handle your claims (unless agreed upon)
  • We do not liaise with your clients

Other benefits:

  • Brokers receive 100% commission and 100% policy fee
  • Free advice and assistance with commercial renewals
  • Bargaining power (additional discounts)
  • Strategies to improve and grow your business
  • Specialised advice on insurance matters, such as technical issues, claims, etc.
  • Exit strategies when you retire or sell your business (an FSCA requirement)
  • Regular visits by our consultant


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